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Venustheme developed the back-end control tools that allow you to Drag and Drop any Content such as Text, HTML, Video Image as layer to play on each slider.

Venusthemes includes the fantastic Megamenu in an additional module called Ves MegaMenu.The Megamenu module comes with a custom admin interface through which you can create powerfull Menu. No coding is required. Follow these steps to create a module:

Front-end Appearance:


*Tip: If you want to show border top color menu Item, you can add some class in menu item config of megamenu:




Back-end Using:

go to admin > VenusTheme > Ves Megamenu > Manage Menu Items

Manage Widgets:

Use Widget to inset into your megamenu.

Click Create Widget to create new widget.

Widget Types: select widget types you want to create. A lot of choice for you.


  • HTMLl
  • Categories list
  • Products category
  • Products list
  • Products
  • Static block
  • Video code
  • Image
  • Feed
  • Last Venus Blog

Widget Name: set widget name

Fill all information you want,then click Save to create new widget.

Live MegaMenu Editor

It is powerful and easy tool of pavotheme to create specialty and flexibility megamenu without coding.

Create new sub Menu

Click titile menu you want to add submenu, popup Sub Menu Setting will be appeared.

  • Create Submenu: choose yes to enable submenu.
  • Width of Submenu Wrapper: set width of submenu (pixels)
  • Add Row: click to add new row of submenu
  • Remove Active Row: click to remove active row
  • Add Column: click to add new column in row

Create new columns and insert Widget

when you click on new column (1) , popup "Column Setting" (3) and "Widget Setting" (2) will be displayed

Widget Setting (2): select widget that was created by Manager Widget then click Insert to insert widget in column

Column Setting (3):

  • Addition Class: set class name of column
  • Column Width: select width of column with values from 1->12. that mean one row can add maximum 12 columns
  • Remove Active Column: click to remove column you choose

Finish Setting

After configure all setting you can click button:

  • Add Widget (1): click to open popup create new Widget
  • Preview On Live Site(2): click to preview megamenu in popup of your site
  • Reset Mega Menu Configuration(3): click to reset configuration
  • Save(4): click to save new megamenu

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