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How to configure Magento Shipping methods

2014-11-02 19:29:25 Pubslished In Brand Cake & Drink Read 559 Times 1 Comment

We will create three shipping methods that provide a fixed shipping price, allow for free shipping promotions, define logic based on an item’s weight and, finally, make it all configurable in the admin panel.


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How to configure Magento Payment methods

2014-11-02 19:29:09 Pubslished In Venustheme blog

Magento provides different payment methods in order to allow you to accept payments using different payment processors like Paypal, and many more.


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How to Add Products in Magento

2014-11-02 19:28:45 Pubslished In Venustheme blog

In this tutorial we'll cover one of the most important aspects of managing your online store - your products. Once you read it, you will know how to add new products and manage your existing ones and how to add images and tags to them.


Magento Is the Fastest Growing eCommerce Platform Provider on the IR Top 500

2014-11-02 19:28:35 Pubslished In Venustheme blog

The 2014 IR Top 500 Guide has been released and Magento has overtaken Demandware to join Oracle and IBM as the top three providers to the top 500 internet retailers in the US and Canada. Magento has 34 merchants on the latest edition of the IR Top 500 list, doubling the number of merchants from the 2013 list. Magento clients include marquee brands like COACH and fast-growing brands and retailers like Alex and Ani, Zumiez, and Signature Hardware.


Ves Megamenu Module

2014-11-02 19:28:25 Pubslished In Venustheme blog

Venustheme developed the back-end control tools that allow you to Drag and Drop any Content such as Text, HTML, Video Image as layer to play on each slider.


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